Applying for visa is a crucial stage in seeking admission to foreign universities and therefore requires expert guidance. Countries like US / Canada / UK / Ireland / Germany / Singapore / New Zealand have different visa procedures. Accordingly documents checklist & forms need to be completed timely without error to avoid visa refusal.

We at Beyond Global Consulting assist students and guardians in completing all visa formalities on time.

Assistance with Completing Visa application

Guidance in identifying the correct application forms required for student visa category in a particular country.
Assistance with completing the online or hard copy application forms.
Provide answers & explanations to complex questions on visa forms.
Rigorous review of all application forms by our Expert Visa Counselors before submission.

Guidance for visa documentation & file preparation

Provide document checklist well in advance to avoid last moment delays.
Detailed explanation to guardian / sponsor / student on required document format.
Provide sample formats for CA Statement, Bank Statements, Financial Affidavits, Loan Letters.
Guidance on medicals required for visa.
Help with arranging documents in proper chronology in the visa file.

Preparation for Visa Interview

The consulates of some countries like USA, UK, Germany take interview of the students before issuing them with a visa.

Intensive one to one sessions of mock visa interview to build confidence.
Guidance for answering tricky questions in the interview.
Do’s & Don’ts of the visa interview.

Guidance for Visa File Submission at the consulate

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Guidance on the procedure followed at the consulate.
Provide awareness about visa fee submission.
Do’s & Don’ts at the consulate.

Visa Approval

In addition, our staff keeps a regular check on the status of your visa file till you receive your visa.