More & more Indian students are now exploring European countries as their study destination & Sweden seems to be one of the preferred destinations for them. In 2012 the Indian student contingent was around 750, which has gone up to 1,300 in 2013 and 2000+ in 2014. The Sweden Consulate in India has witnessed a sharp increase in visa applications around 2000 in 2014
Unlimited Part time work opportunities available
Students can apply for Post Study Visa for up to six months to search for a job and on receiving a job offer, they can then apply for a work permit
The popular courses in Sweden are Engineering, Computer Science, Business & Management, International Economics, Marketing Management, Animation, Media & Communication, and Biological Sciences
Home to some of the TOP universities of the world like Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala University, Lund University, Stockholm University, Royal Institute of Technology, Umeå University, University of Gothenburg, Linköping University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Chalmers University of Technology
Sweden always maintains high standard of Higher education
Sweden is a leading Research & Development intensive country in the world, with the Swedish government investing around 40% of the GDP on research
A few facts & figures:

Sweden borders Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across the Oresund

Capital city:



Swedish Krona (SEK)


Sweden has a low population density of 21 inhabitants per square kilometer (54 /sq. mi) with the population mostly concentrated in the southern half of the country.


Sweden's high-performing economy has built its success on openness to global trade and investment.


Culture has been described in many ways as very tolerant in nature. Swedish society and its culture is viewed as very concerned with the welfare and well-being of others indiscriminately


The vast majority of Swedes speak English

Why Sweden?

Part time work: Unrestricted part-time work allowed
Internships offered in most Master's programs*
IELTS/TOEFL waiver* possible
No GRE/GMAT scores required
Costs: Low cost of education around Rs. 8L p.a.* for PG & Rs. 6L p.a.* for UG
High Living Standards with low crime rates
Visa Interview: Not required
Most innovative and entrepreneurial nation in Europe, according to the European Innovation Scoreboard
Home to international corporations and successful inventions
English is spoken by all Swedes
Centrally located in the heart of Scandinavia
Quality Education with focus on research

Education System

There are two major types of higher education institutions in Sweden:

Universities (universitet):

These are institutions of higher education and research which grant academic degrees in various subjects and provide both Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral education.

University colleges (högskola):

These are independent institutions that provide tertiary education (Bachelor and Master degrees) only

Types of Degrees offered
Bachelor's Degree Programs or kandidatexamen:

The Undergraduate Degree programs are of 3 years and are offered in popular fields like Engineering, Computer Science, Business & Management, International Economics, Animation, Media & Communication, Creative Writing, Biological Sciences and many more

Master's Degree Programs or masterexamen:

The Postgraduate Degree program are of 1-2 years duration and some of the popular courses are Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering Management, IT Management & Innovation, Strategic Entrepreneurship, International Economics, Information Engineering & Management, Industrial Design, Software Product Design and many more

Doctoral level or forskarnivå (2-4 years):

The degrees that can be obtained at the doctoral level are Degree of Licentiate or licentiatexamen of 2 years and Degree of Doctor or PhD or doktorsexamen, of 4 years

Visa Process

If you are going to Sweden for the purpose of studying you will need a Swedish visa or residence permit.

Documents required for Resident Permit:

Students generally need to provide the following documents for visa though it is recommended that you check with the consulate for the exact list of documents for your case.

Recent passport photographs
Copies of the passport
Acceptance letter from the University in Sweden
Copies of educational degrees
Copies of the Bank statements

All documents should be shown in original at the time of submitting the application at the Embassy.

Visa fees:

The current visa processing fee for Residence permit is SEK 1,000(approx. INR 8000/-).


Q-1; What are the living expenses?

Living costs in Sweden are relatively low as compared to other parts of EU or USA. On an average a student spends around INR 40-50K per month.

Q-2; Can I work while am studying?

As an international student, you're allowed to work alongside your studies – there's no official limitation for how many hours you can work. Most master's programs also offer internships as part of the program.

Q-3; Are Scholarships available?

There is a range of scholarships available to international students who wish to study in Sweden. The two major sources of scholarship are:

(i)The Swedish Institute:

This is a government agency that provides over 500 scholarships to students from various countries pursuing full time bachelor's & master's programs in Sweden. These scholarships cover both living costs and tuition fees.

(ii)University you are enrolled with:

Most Swedish universities also offer scholarships to meritorious students which cover full or part of the tuition fee.


Tuition fees estimates:

The tuition costs for most Bachelors' program is around SEK 90000 to 360000(From Rs. 6 Lacs onwards)*

The tuition costs for most Master's program is around SEK 120000 to 180000(From Rs. 8, 40, 000 onwards)*

Living expenses:

On an average a student spends around INR 40-50K per month. A sample student monthly budget is as follows:

Food: Approximately SEK 2000 per month.
Accommodation: SEK 2000 to SEK 3000 per month, depending on where you live.
Medical care: SEK 250
Leisure and Travel: SEK 1200
Utilities: SEK 500-800 depending on your living circumstances.


Jönköping University
Uppsala University
Lund University
University of Gothenburg
Stockholm University
Karolinska Institutet
Umeå University
Royal Institute of Technology
Linköping University
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Luleå University of Technology
Karlstad University
Örebro University
Mid Sweden University
Linnaeus University
University colleges:
University of Borås
Malmö University College
Dalarna University College
University College West
Halmstad University
Mälardalen University College
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Kristianstad University College
University of Skövde
Swedish National Defence College
Stockholm University of the Arts
Södertörn University
Royal College of Music, Stockholm
Royal Institute of Art
University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
Gävle University College