Congratulations on receiving your visa. By now you must have crossed many hurdles in seeking admit to universities abroad. However, your journey doesn’t end here in fact the journey just begins; journey to your new destination, journey to your dream university.

Beyond Global Consulting assists & guides students in post visa preparations before you depart.

Pre-Departure guidance
Provide a detailed list of items that you need to carry with you
Orientation on what to expect at the Immigration check and port of entry
Information session on Do’s & Don’ts at your Study abroad destination
Insight into the education system, method of completing assignments
& writing reports, managing your finances and following the rules and
laws for international students at your university & country
Guidance on searching & applying for part-time jobs (if applicable)
Arranging Forex & Fee Payment
Getting foreign exchange at the best possible rates
Prompt Service for Telegraphic Transfer/ Bank Draft for paying tuition & accommodation charges
Help with arranging Travel Card or Cash Currency
Air Ticketing:
Provide information on ticket booking & travel plans well in advance
Assistance with urgent ticket booking at best prices
Help students in getting discounted airfare
Overseas Health Cover/Insurance:
Detailed information on Health & Travel Insurance plans
Guidance on choosing the best plan as per country and personal requirements
Hassle free & quick processing of health policies
Air Port Pickup & Accommodation Booking:
Before you fly off, we ensure that there is someone to receive you at the airport & drop you at your booked accommodation so that you don’t feel lost in the new country
Information on different types of accommodation available
Help students in selecting the best fit as per personal requirements, distance from campus & budget
Assistance with booking both on-campus & off-campus accommodation
Takeaway @pre-departure services
Hassle free & comfortable journey
No fear of being lost in a new country
Fully prepared to face the new challenges
Awareness of laws & rules for international students
Carrying all necessary documents & items to avoid unwanted exigencies
Save time, money & efforts with our efficient services