Confused? Which subject to take up after Std 10? Which course to choose? Which university/college is the best? Should I study in India or abroad? How will I get a job? How to further my career? Whose advice to listen to?

Millions of students & professionals across the globe are faced with these questions each year. We at Beyond Global Consulting provide a One stop solution to all your queries through our Expert counseling service.

Why expert/ professional counseling is necessary?
Myriad career options to decide from
Shifting career trends
Changing industry needs
Fast mushrooming of private colleges
One size does not fit all
Inability of your peers/uncles/neighbors to judge your real strengths
Correct information about colleges/universities outside your city, state or country

All the above any many more challenges can be easily overcome by our specialized career counseling services. Our panel of experienced and well informed counselors help you decide the best career option for you.

Highlights of our counseling service:
Free Unbiased consulting
One to one consulting session with our expert counselors
Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the student
Psychometric testing
Detailed discussion of different career options/courses for the student
Latest updates on course offerings & colleges
Candid comparison of studying in India vis-à-vis abroad
Take away:
Informed career decision
Correct knowledge about career options & courses
Clarity of career goal
100% confidence & conviction for success

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